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Sacrament of Confession

The Sacrament of Confession is a powerful tool for healing from sinful tendencies in our thoughts, words and actions.  It is a means to spur growth in closeness with our Lord Jesus.  Effective use of this sacrament comes from a regular reviewal of conscience usually done at the end of the day.  Major sins usually stand out all on their own.  But tendencies to sin can be spotted through regularly spending some time at the end of the day thinking about how we lived our day, how we treated people or thought about them, and how we treated God. 

Healing Relationships


The often-overlooked benefit of regular use of the Sacrament of Confession is its potential to improve our relationships with the people around us.  Reflecting on how we think about and treat family, co-workers, and any others we meet in our day, holds us accountable for the kind of person we are becoming.  With the healing grace of this beautiful sacrament, even long-term attitudes and behaviors can be chipped away at and smoothed out through regular use of Confession.  Confession can be thought of as a tool for healing, from past wounds we haven’t gotten over, as well as present day feelings and attitudes which can hold us back from experiencing freedom and peace.  


Do you want to become the best you…this sacrament is for you!

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