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Your Records

Managing the personal information on record with our parish is possible online using My Own Church.  My Own Church provides real-time access to the parish database (ParishSoft) to registered members.  Members who have permitted sharing of their basic contact information with other parishioners can also be found using My Own Church's member directory.  This directory contains the most up-to-date information available to the parish.  

My Own Church
What is it?

"... ministries and communications rely on accurate parishioner information and tools that support full engagement in parish life. With My Own Church, parishioners and staff can access their user-friendly portal anytime, anywhere. My Own Church is a secure parishioner portal and mobile directory that improves accuracy while easing the administration of member records."

Privacy & Access

Member privacy is of primary importance when it comes to deciding what, if anything, to make available online.  Only members who have released access to their basic contact information appear in the member directory. Access to the My Own Church is restricted to parish members who are individually and manually approved by the parish office.  After requesting access, please allow 3 business days for approval.

Personal Information

Basic contact information for all household members can be viewed and updated online.


You may edit your contact information including whether your household is included in the online directory.  You may also upload a family photo!


You may also access sacramental and giving records through My Own Church

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