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Blessed Virgin's Rosary Ministry

If you have 3-5 minutes a day to pray...

Blessed Virgin's Rosary Ministry

The Blessed Virgin Rosary Ministry consists of a group of people dedicated to praying a “decade a day.” Each member is assigned a specific decade to pray each day. Members offer up the decade for the Rosary Ministry members, their families, and for a special monthly intention that can be found in the bulletin and on this website. Please join us in this ministry. It does not involve a huge time commitment, but it is a wonderful way of joining others in prayer. To participate, please click here.


Intention for September 2022

For the participants of the Blessed Virgin's Rosary Ministry and their families; and for family and friends who are not practicing their Catholic faith, that they may return to an active and faithful life.

Devotions & Prayer Ministries

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