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Renovation Update

Sanctuary Renovation is Complete!

"Weekend" Masses & Confessions

Weekend Masses, along with Saturday afternoon Confessions, are in Church.

"Weekday" Masses & Confessions

Because of road construction on Co. Rd. 19, weekday Masses & Confessions will continue to be at St. Thomas in Corcoran.

  • All weekday Masses, Tuesday through Saturday morning will be at 8:30 AM at St. Thomas.

  • All weekday Confessions - morning, afternoon and evenings - will continue at St Thomas.

Confession Schedule Change Week of July 22

Tues, 7/23:   No afternoon confessions

Wed, 7/24:  No afternoon confessions

                    No evening confessions

Fri, 7/26:      No afternoon confessions


Morning Confessions & Masses will still take place. Click on our Mass & Confession Times button to see our current schedule. (Reminder—everything is still at St. Thomas.)

Loretto Cty Rd 19 Closure:

  • July 2 & 3:​  "Hard" close (no traffic, no parking on CR 19, Railroad crossing closed)

  • July 4:  "Soft" close for holiday weekend

  • July 8:  Long-term closure begins (Weather permitting)

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