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Make Our Website Work for You

Where IS it? 

Is it even ON the website?

Through the use of an exercise called "card sorting," you will be given a stack of cards, one for each page in our existing website which you will be asked to group and organize the way you would expect to find them on the website.  You will be given blank cards, as well, in case you think something belongs in more than one place or if you think something is missing.

Who should participate?  ANYBODY who would have a reason to use the website.  Except staff.  The purpose of the website is, afterall, to support people who need answers but who don't need to come into the office.  

This includes:

  • parents trying to register for religious education

  • the deliveryman who needs to know which door to use

  • the new guy in the parish who wants to transfer his Knights of Columbus membership

  • the city inspector who needs to drop in

  • the out-of-town children who need to schedule a funeral

  • the neighbor who wants to know if Catholics REALLY believe that, etc.


The more people who participate, the closer we get to a site that serves the greatest number in the best way.

The exercise should take far less than the hour provided.  Staff will be available for questions after each session.  Refreshments provided - so sign up so we have an idea of how many to prepare for.

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