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Area Catholic Schools

Our Lady of the Lake

Mound, MN - Pre-Kindergarten - 8th Grade


Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School integrates the message of Christ into all educational experiences and provides a program of academic excellence which challenges each student to expand their intellectual capacity to the fullest.


Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School, together with the parish community, provides academic excellence through a Catholic education that guides the growth of all learners while following Christ’s example of love and service.

Our Lady of the Lake School is a place for students to engage in challenging, standards based curricula and engaging instruction, that will enable them a degree of mastery in the 4 tenets of 21st century education: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and most vital, creativity.  Our strong academic tradition combined with daily use of technology will move our students forward, keeping step with the globalization of the twenty-first century. As society changes, our student needs change, and education is necessarily changing, too. Most importantly, however, we appreciate the value that knowledge immersed in both faith and virtue holds for our students. To know God and to love God are goals we hold strong for each and every student at Our Lady of the Lake School.

Our Lady of the Lake
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